Sicilian lemon cannoli




DiSanto's irresistible lemon cannoli explodes with zesty flavours that will transport you to the sun-drenched lemon groves of Italy.

Cannoli, derived from the Italian word for 'little cane', are delightful pastries shaped like tubes. These delectable treats contain a crispy, fried pastry shell that embraces a luscious and sweet filling. The fillings often feature tantalising flavours like candied fruits, orange or lemon zest, chocolate chips, or nuts. A staple of Sicilian cuisine, cannoli have become an iconic part of Carnevale celebrations, cherished for their exquisite taste and texture.

Every bite of DiSanto's lemon cannoli is a sweet little burst of citrussy heaven. The splash of wine in the pastry adds flavour and sweetness and also helps tenderise the pastry, ensuring a delicious, flaky finish, while the creamy, lemon-infused filling is sweet and smooth. The cannoli are topped with Sicilian candied lemon peel for extra kick and texture.

These lemon cannoli, handcrafted by our artisan bakers, are a testament to DiSanto's commitment to tradition and quality. Let your senses revel in an Italian dessert that is as refreshing as it is satisfying. Buon appetito!


Energy, 2155kJ / 515kcal
Fat, 28g,
- of which: Saturates, 10g
Carbohydrate, 63g
- of which: Sugars 36g
Protein, 2.8g
Salt, 0.09g

Ingredients (allergens in bold)

Lemon flavour cream (65%): sugar, vegetable oils (sunflower, palm), modified starch (corn), lactose, skimmed milk powder, lemon juice 15%, emulsifier: soya lecithin, colour: beta-carotene, coconut flakes. Pastry (35%): wheat flour, water, sugar, high oleic sunflower oil, refined lard, wine, cocoa powder, raising agent: ammonium hydrogen carbonate, salt, natural vanilla extract.

May contain egg, other tree nuts, mustard.


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