Pomodoro secco speziato (spicy sundried tomatoes)




DiSanto's delicious pomodoro secco speziato are tomatoes farmed in the sun-kissed fields of Sardinia combined with aromatic herbs and capers. They have a sweet and spicy concentrated taste. Spicy sundried tomatoes are a traditional Italian starter and can be eaten straight from the jar. They can also be used in cooking, where they radiate more complex flavours than conventional sundried tomatoes.

Only the ripest and reddest tomatoes are harvested for DiSanto's spicy sundried tomatoes and dried in the sun in a time-honoured tradition. This method causes the tomatoes to lose most of their water content, concentrating their flavour. The tomatoes are then combined with herbs, capers and oil by hand to create potent pots of tomato alchemy.

DiSanto's spicy sundried tomatoes bring a burst of Mediterranean sunshine to your cooking, lending an intense and complex tomato flavour to many classic Italian dishes, including meats and fish, pasta and pizzas. You can add them to salads, sandwiches, wraps and couscous dishes. They can be used to top a pizza, whizzed into a dip, or as a flavourful ingredient in various recipes such as bean stews, chicken traybake, and chickpea burgers.