Peperoncino a scaglie (chilli flakes)




Experience the intense heat of DiSanto's Italian chilli flakes - a unique blend found exclusively in Calabria. This premium dried red chilli flakes from the south of Italy will authentically fire up your cooking.

Calabria’s unofficial symbol is the horn-shaped red chilli pepper. Not only does it add a distinctive kick to the region's flavour-fuelled cuisine, it also wards off malocchio (the evil eye). The sunny, dry climate is perfect for growing Calabrian peperoncino, a medium-hot variety of capsicum featuring complex smoky, salty and fruity flavours. DiSanto carefully selects the freshest and most high-quality chilli peppers, while our small-scale production process ensures you receive only the best and most flavourful chilli flakes.

DiSanto's peperoncino a scaglie is an essential store-cupboard item, especially useful when a recipe requires a precisely measured amount of chilli. (Bear in mind that the newer the chilli flakes, the hotter they will be.) Incredibly versatile, they can be used in myriad ways, from marinating meat to sprinkling on top of pizza or an omelette, from creating dips to flavouring stews and soups. Whatever the dish, they will bring the warmth and colour of Italy into your kitchen.

Ingredients: Chilli peppers.