Oregano is a versatile, savoury herb used in cooking for centuries; it is thought that oregano was first used by the ancient Greeks, who believed it to symbolise happiness. DiSanto's 100% authentic crushed wild oregano comes straight from the southern mountains of Italy. It has a robust and earthy flavour, making it perfect for adding depth to savoury dishes.

DiSanto's dried Italian oregano is all grown naturally. Our small-scale pickers select the finest herbs available, allowing us to maintain the highest quality standards and ensure you receive only the best and most flavourful herbs for your cooking.

Oregano is indispensable in the kitchen and is a good partner for many ingredients. For example, its sharpness complements the sweetness of tomatoes and is integral to many tomato-based dishes, such as pasta sauces. Use garlic and oregano to create a rich base for various Mediterranean-style dishes, and combine with olive oil to create marinades and salad dressings. Sprinkle dried oregano over pizza or pasta for added flavour and fragrance. A pinch of oregano will add a savoury kick to soups and stews.