Mix pesce (seasoning for fish)




Elevate your seafood dishes with DiSanto's speciality fish seasoning mix - a perfectly balanced and aromatic combination of herbs handpicked in the Calabrian mountains, created to bring out the beautiful flavours of fish.

This aromatic blend, which includes garlic, mint, juniper, rosemary and marjoram, is indispensable for bringing out the beautiful flavours of fish. It is free from any artificial additives or preservatives. Our small-scale production process allows us to maintain the highest quality standards, ensuring you receive only the best and most flavourful seasonings to a variety of seafood dishes.

DiSanto's fish seasoning is a quick and easy way to bring the Mediterranean into your kitchen. It's ideal for preparing fish for pan frying. Combine with olive oil for a marinade to make fish kebabs for the grill or a BBQ. Sprinkle it into fish soups, stews and pies.