Italian cherry tomato pasta sauce - Pomodoro Ciliegino




Sweet Italian cherry tomatoes combine with extra-virgin olive oil, basil and a smidge of salt and sugar to pack a traditional, flavour-filled punch in DiSanto's superior quality authentic cherry tomato pasta sauce. Cooked from the ripest and reddest cherry tomatoes grown under the Mediterranean sun, this classic pasta tomato sauce will bring Italy into your kitchen.

The sweet and smooth texture of DiSanto's cherry tomato pasta sauce makes it a versatile base for various classic Italian dishes, including Italian classics such as meatballs, pizza and lasagne, allowing you to create quick, easy and delicious suppers for friends and family. We like to spread it on bruschetta and toast with melted mozzarella for an easy starter. Endless possibilities await when you use it to enhance chilli con carne, add to soups, or as a spicy dip base.

Let DiSanto become your secret ingredient for creating dishes that sing with classic Italian cuisine's unspoilt, natural flavours.


    Energy, 205kJ/49kcal
    Fat, 2.3g,
    - of which: Saturates, 0.3g
    Carbohydrate, 5.2g
    - of which: Sugars 3.4g
    Fibre, 1.4g
    Protein, 1.1g
    Salt, 0.8g

    Ingredients (allergens in bold)

    Italian cherry tomatoes (97%), extra-virgin olive oil, basil, salt, sugar.

    Produced in a facility that uses celery, pistachio, almonds, hazelnuts, milk and fish.


    It just takes a few short minutes to warm through our authentic, handmade Italian pasta sauces

    DiSanto and Family offer a range of authentic Italian pasta sauces. Our goal is to bring the flavours of Italy straight to your table.