Funghi Casarecci (casarecci mushrooms)




DiSanto's delicious, fleshy casarecci mushrooms are masterfully prepared to create an authentically Italian taste and enhance their natural flavour. Casarecci mushrooms are a traditional delicacy in Sardinia that has been enjoyed for centuries. They are often served as a starter or baked into canapés and savoury pies.

'Casarecci' comes from the Italian 'casareccio', meaning homemade or rustic. This evokes the way these mushrooms are grown and harvested. Local farmers in Sardinia handpick them and then carefully process them using traditional methods, preserving their natural flavour and texture.

These tasty Italian mushrooms are versatile in the kitchen and can create various delicious dishes. They are perfect for antipasti, served with a drizzle of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice. Or they can be added to casseroles and sauces for a deep, rich flavour. They are a distinctive and healthy addition to any meal.

About antipasti

Antipasti is an Italian word for various small plates or appetisers typically served before the main course. Dishes can include cured meats, olives, cheeses and vegetables. Antipasti is often served on a platter to be shared with others relaxed and pleasantly.

DiSanto's casarecci mushrooms make the perfect addition to any antipasto platter since their strong flavour contrasts nicely with other antipasti items.

Casarecci mushrooms are part of DiSanto & Family's traditional preserved vegetables - crafted with handpicked Italian vegetables following authentic and unique recipes.