Arrabbiata seasoning




Spice up your cooking with DiSanto's arrabbiata seasoning brought to you all the way from Calabria in the south of Italy. This premium blend of Mediterranean seasonings is a versatile kitchen staple, indispensable for imparting bold aromas and flavours to a huge variety of pasta and meat dishes.

DiSanto's arrabbiata mix is an authentic taste of Calabria, famous for its robust and colourful culinary traditions, in one neat package. It comprises dried tomatoes, garlic, red pepper, onion, parsley, rosemary and salt, and is free from any artificial additives or preservatives. Our local supplier carefully selects ingredients grown naturally on local farms. Our small-scale production process allows us to maintain the highest quality standards, ensuring you receive only the best and most flavourful seasonings.

There are many ways to use Italian arrabbiata seasoning in your cooking. You can add it to a tomato sauce to make a traditional arrabbiata pasta sauce. Mix it with olive oil to create a marinade for meat or vegetables, with or without extra seasonings such as bay or thyme. Sprinkle it on top of pizza or pasta dishes, or add it to chillis, soups and stews for extra oomph.