Almond cantucci biscuits




Savour the simplicity of DiSanto's almond cantucci - nutty Italian biscuits with a delightful crunch, perfect for dipping into your favourite coffee or dessert wine. Our cantucci are handmade with love and care by our skilled artisan bakers using traditional methods.

Cantucci, also known as biscotti di Prato or Tuscan cantuccini, originated in the 13th century in the city of Prato, Italy, and are now enjoyed throughout the world. The name 'cantucci' comes from 'canto', meaning slice. Cantucci is made from flour, eggs, sugar and almonds formed into logs and baked in the oven. The logs are then cut into small slices and baked again to achieve their signature crunch. This traditional cooking method evenly distributes the heat and allows for a longer shelf life, making them perfect for travel or as a gift.

DiSanto's authentic cantucci smell wonderfully of honey and almonds, and taste delicious without being overly sweet. The texture is just right: not too hard, not too soft, and crunchy but not crumbly.

With DiSanto's almond cantucci, you can experience the taste of Italy every day.


Energy, 1715kJ/410kcal
Fat, 15g,
- of which: Saturates, 4.8g
Carbohydrate, 56g
- of which: Sugars 25g
Protein, 11g
Salt, 0.46g

Ingredients (allergens in bold)

Wheat flour, eggs, sugar, almonds (14%), butter, honey, high oleic sunflower oil, raising agent: disodium diphosphate, sodium hydrogen carbonate), wheat starch, salt, flavourings.

May contain soya, other tree nuts, mustard.


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