Crafted with ancestral love and taste in every bite

Olives & Tapenades

Indulge in the timeless flavours of the Mediterranean with DiSanto & Family's exceptional range of Olives & Tapenades.

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About our range of olives and tapenades

Indulge in the timeless flavours of the Mediterranean with DiSanto & Family's exceptional range of Olives & Tapenades. Crafted with ancestral love and taste in every bite, our olives and tapenades are more than just a dish – they offer a sensory journey to the sun-soaked groves of Southern Europe.

Our stuffed olives are plump and savoury. They are meticulously hand-stuffed to ensure the perfect combination of ingredients, encasing the olive's subtle tang with notes of rich cheeses, vibrant peppers, and robust herbs. The olives are a star in their own right, enhanced with our olive oil's simple yet elegant touch. They are also available for the purist palate.

Our tapenades are a fusion of flavours – salty olives, sweet sun-dried tomatoes, and a fresh burst of herbs and seasonings. Each spoonful is a revelation, smooth as silk and versatile as your imagination allows. Pair it with fresh bread, accentuate your meats, or stir it into your culinary creations to add depth of flavour that surprises and delights.

DiSanto & Family has proudly carried the legacy of these Italian staples, always honouring tradition while inviting innovation. Imagine your table adorned with these delightful morsels – vibrant colours and tantalising aromas setting the stage for friendliness and charm. Our olives and tapenades are the perfect opening act for an authentic Italian meal, blending the old-world charm with the modern palate in harmony.

For the connoisseur of antipasti, the lover of spreadable delicacies, and those who seek the essence of Italian bliss, DiSanto & Family's Olives & Tapenades stand as the quintessential choice – an ode to taste and tradition that will elevate any gathering, whether large or intimate.