Zucchine condite (preserved courgettes)




DiSanto's zucchine condite are delicate, crunchy Sardinian courgettes, combined with garlic and parsley, and prepared by hand according to our grandmother's recipe. Authentically Italian and delicious, they are ideally served as a starter; they are also versatile ingredients for creating canapés and savoury pies.

Like DiSanto's other premium antipasti, preserved courgettes work on top of pizza and bruschetta in a salad or as a side dish accompanying grilled meats and fish.

About antipasti

Antipasti is an Italian word for various small plates or appetisers typically served before the main course. Dishes can include cured meats, olives, cheeses and vegetables. Antipasti is often served on a platter to be shared with others relaxed and convivially.

DiSanto's Italian courgettes, mild in flavour, are a perfect addition to any antipasto platter.

Zucchine condite is part of DiSanto & Family's traditional preserved vegetables - crafted with handpicked Italian vegetables, following authentic and unique recipes.


Energy, 702kj /168kcal
Fat, 16.8g
- of which: Saturates, 6.3g
Carbohydrate, 3g
- of which: Sugars, 1g
Protein, 1.1g
Salt, 0.52g

Ingredients (allergens in bold)

Courgettes (64%), sunflower oil, anchovy paste, aromatic herbs, wine vinegar, salt, acidity regulator: citric acid and lactic acid.