An exquisite harmony between a delightful sweetness and a zesty tartness

Authentic Italian Marmalades

DiSanto & Family's Italian marmalades aren't just a product — they're a legacy, born from family recipes that have been perfected over generations.

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Step into the idyllic sun-soaked orchards of Calabria, Italy, where the Mediterranean breeze kisses the finest citrus fruits to create a marmalade experience. DiSanto & Family's Italian Marmalades capture the essence of Calabria with each jar, marrying tradition with the finest fruits to bring a burst of pure Mediterranean flavour to your breakfast table.

More Than Just a Spread

These marmalades are not mere spreads but versatile ingredients that can transform your culinary creations from ordinary to extraordinary. They add an unmistakeable Calabrian character to any dish, whether used as a layer in a sponge cake, paired with Ricotta on toast, or even as a glaze on roasted meats.